Why Us?

Professional Team

ideaMK is a composite of highly professional team of developers, everyone has a rich experiance in IT technology, worked on many projects they gained much experiance in developing. They are all team players and that is a key for main success and quickly solving problems;

Fast service

ideaMK provide fast service and realize your project in short time. Time is money, and time is one of the main requirement of all clients. Our team can provide realizing project fast in short time which means, less time and less money;

Quality and efficiency

The main target in our developing is to provide quality product to our clients. This is very important to us as a company and team of developers, and to our client, because quality and efficiency of our work can contribute to success in our clients business;

Any Time Support

We provide any time support in any stage of our clients project. This is important to our clients for makeing better product and better support affects to better quality as well as to our customer satisfaction too;

Affordable price

Why to choose us? Because we do all mentioned above for affordable price. For any project we will make a time plan with costs of any stage of the project. That is good for the client because they will know the cost of the project for any stage and can calculate if that will be affordable for them or not. As we provide a fast service and any time support we think that our price will be affordable for any client. We hope to cooperate in near future. Thank You.

Contact Us

For more informations of us and our products, feel free to contact us in any time.