ideaMK Solutions

Customization & Integration

In today’s modern environment your business needs integrated e-business system in order to meet the customer requirements, cooperate with suppliers and partners and effectively catch new opportunities.
With XML web services and Microsoft.NET, your company will work in a world where time and distance no longer separate employees, partners, customers or operations. You are welcome to enjoy the power of connectivity and integration to optimize your internal and external connection.

Custom Solutions

Using latest Microsoft .NET technologies, ideaMK can deliver web and windows application solutions for your unique business requirements. A package solution, a custom application, or a combination of both, ideaMK team can deliver what your business needs to succeed.

Web Solutions

The web is the best marketing and communications tool for business success these days. ideaMK can provide you professional web solution for your business whether is that a simple web presentation solution or a complex web application solution, ideaMK team is ready and have rich experience to provide fast and quality solution for success in your business.

Windows Applications

ideaMK team have good experience in Windows Application development. That you can see from our products that are highly professional and very usefyl tools in some areas.

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